Stronger Together

Polyglottis is a challenging project and everyone is welcome to contribute. There are plenty of ways to do so and spending money is just one of them.

1. Feedback

At this early development stage, an easy way to contribute is to send your comments and suggestions to . We read every email and consider every opinion. By telling us your views you can help us shape the Polyglottis Platform!

2. Generating Contents

As soon as the first operational version of the platform is launched, we will welcome anyone to

3. Association Membership

The development of the Polyglottis Platform is supported by the Polyglottis Association (a non-profit organization based in Switzerland). Active members invest their time to support the project, whereas we require a yearly financial contribution from our passive members in exchange of continuous feedback on the project and other goodies. Interested? Contact us!

4. Commodities

We are continuously looking for small improvements of our work environments. This includes:

Do you have something to offer? Feel free to contact us.

5. Financial Support

While the founding members of the association are not counting the hours spent for the project, running servers and developing software applications cannot be done completely for free. When the finances allow, we are proud to reward our co-workers with an adequate compensation.

Would you like to spend some money to support the Polyglottis journey? Let's get in touch!